About the Holography Group TEMoo

TEMoo is a group of holography enthusiasts founded in the beginning of the 80's. All members worked at the same company and one of the ideas were that the members should increase their knowledge in optics. In the beginning all equipment was home-made and the activity was located in an air-raid shelter.

The first holograms were very simple Denisyuk holograms and the results varied. By the time the knowledge about holograms increased and more advanced holograms were made. After being forced to change premises a couple of times the group is now located in a premises consisting of two optical labs, a darkroom and a combined workshop / office / recreation room.

Today the group has about 7-8 members who meet once a week to make holograms, build equipment and just talk. For the moment we are mostly making Denisyuk holograms to get to know our new equipment a little bit better.

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