The pictures below shows some of the holograms we have made.

The hologram participating in the 'Dog 2006' contest arranged by
holographyforum.org The hologram is a H1/H2 made on PFG-01 plates


H1/H2 of a ceramic sculpture.


A 30 x 40 cm Denisyuk-hologram of a 'clay coo-coo',
 a musical instrument (flute) which is typical to our town


A 'quick and dirty' hologram of a bottle of Oban whiskey.
The time for making the hologram was under two hours. The material used is a 15 years old AGFA-film.


One of the first holograms made in the eighties.
A H1/H2-hologram of an aluminum cube with holes


Denis-yuk of a 3D-model of the Pharmacia-logotype made many years ago


A Denisyuk-hologram made a couple of years ago.


A Denisyuk-hologram of a BMW.

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